Solve The Malware Problem?

The recent rash of "malware" infesting and infecting personal computers has caused a lot of bother and commentary. A brief note on the website Microsoft Watch has provoked both its posting at What Really Happened and a more lengthy commentary from the WRH staff. The MW comment merely notes that "even fully patched Windows XP Service Pack 2 systems aren't immune from rootkit infestation." It identifies that over 20 percent of the malware found in XP systems are, according to Microsoft's own records, "stealth rootkits," which are far more insidious and dangerous. Meanwhile, the WRH folks remind us that it is not the type of malware that is of concern, but the hackers themselves. "I'll bet if you start throwing the malware creators in jail, the problem will be significantly reduced," they predict. SOLVE THE MALWARE PROBLEM?

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 8th December 2005 11:43PM