How Sober activates

First Sober variant was found in October 2003. Since then, we've found over 20 different variants.

Most of these variants contain a routine that activates the virus at later date. After this the virus will try to periodically download and run a file from several websites. This is the way most new Sober variants are distributed: the author uploads a new version and all the infected machines will suddenly get infected with the new variant.

Sober.Y was the biggest email outbreak of the year. It still is responsbile for around 40% of all the infections we see. This variant is programmed to activate on January 5th, 2006. After this date all the infected machines will regularily try to download and run a file from a website, forever. The virus even synchronizes the machines via atom clocks so the activation will not happen before January 5th, even if the clock of the computer is incorrect. F-Secure : News from the Lab

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