Target: Firefox?

This year will almost certainly go down in Web history as the Year of the Firefox. The open-source browser ended up the greatest beneficiary of the barrage of bad press aimed at Microsoft Internet Explorer and its various security vulnerabilities. With the ever-present threat of spyware, it's little surprise that so many users have made the switch to what is now widely considered to be the "safe" Web browser, at least compared with IE.

Alas, "safe" is relative. There's little question that IE has taken many people for a bad ride. Malicious ActiveX controls and various security holes have resulted in dangerous toolbars, keyloggers, and dialers being installed on millions of PCs. Unfortunately, many users believe that switching to Firefox is enough to keep them safe. That's just not the case. Solutions from PC Magazine: Target: Firefox?

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 9th December 2005 7:05AM