Web-Application Security Gets Better

Hackers often attack software that uses a Web browser as the user interface, with SQL injections representing by far the most common Internet attack, according to Symantec. Most software vulnerabilities tracked by Symantec in the first half of 2005 were in Web applications.

Some security software vendors are making their products more comprehensive to meet the need for stronger Web-application security. While most Web-application security products have offered perimeter defenses such as firewalls, companies like Breach Security Inc. and Imperva Inc. are taking increasingly broader approaches. The newer products integrate more and more aspects of an application's architecture into their security efforts, such as allowing security administrators to track bidirectional traffic and preventing broad types of attacks from being successful. "This is an evolution in terms of defense in depth," says Scott Crawford, a senior analyst with consulting firm Enterprise Management Associates. Web-Application Security Gets Better - Yahoo! News

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