Your antivirus software has B.O.

A few weeks ago, the Spanish antivirus vendor Panda had to deal with a serious problem: there was a buffer-overflow error within its antivirus library. Had a criminal hacker been able to exploit this vulnerability, the cracker could have taken over vulnerable machines using Panda Antivirus. Fortunately, Panda quickly patched the flaw, but a situation like this nonetheless raises the question: how safe are our security apps? And why haven't we heard more about security app flaws until now?

All software has flaws; there's no way to rule that out. But for years, security researchers didn't bother to investigate the most obvious of all software targets: security apps themselves. Then, earlier this year, we began to hear about flaws in Symantec Norton AntiVirus and McAfee VirusScan. The muckraker leading these disclosures is Alex Wheeler, a security researcher formerly of Internet Security Systems (ISS), a security consulting firm, and now of, an independent research site. Security Watch: Your antivirus software has B.O. - CNET reviews

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