Spam: The Blue Frog has new teeth

In my discussions with spammers, I am surprised to learn that many have not heard about the Blue Frog anti-spam service from start-up Blue Security. The service generated a lot of publicity at its launch last July, with some respected anti-spammers accusing Blue Frog of fostering vigilante action against junk emailers or "spamming the spammers." (Others have responded that the system is perfectly ethical and legal.)

The controversy was over Blue Frog's active deterrence feature. In a nutshell, Blue Frog tries to get bulk emailers to stop spamming its 50,000-plus members by posting opt-out requests in web forms at web sites advertised by spam. The goal is to encourage spammers to use the Blue Frog remove lists, while empowering Blue Frog members. Spam Kings Blog: The Blue Frog has new teeth

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 9th December 2005 10:20PM