Building a Better Virus Trap

Not so long ago, viruses were just one of those little annoyances that come along with using a computer, akin to the gnat that orbits your head at the family picnic. But over the past few years, those pesky little pieces of code have steadily moved from simply popping up messages on your screen or deleting your Word files; they now target specific industries and serve as tools for real criminals. Unfortunately, changes happen so quickly that computer security policies struggle to keep pace. Whereas once a mere daily virus scan of a user's PC could clean up the virus problem and a firewall could keep out prowlers, today a much more in-depth, multifaceted, layered approach is the only way to truly protect your valuable assets. Here's a closer look. Building a Better Virus Trap - MC Press Online

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 12th December 2005 11:44PM