When home computers go haywire, more users call in the pros

Remember when doctors used to make house calls? These days, it's more likely to be a doctor for your computer, printer or wireless router who's visiting your home. There's a growing industry of repair people to heal the PCs and other tech devices in your home or office. And increasingly, they're available at just about any time of day -- sometimes within the hour.

Among the trends fueling the demand for such services: the spread of hard-to-install wireless Internet networks in the home, the prevalence of spyware and adware that needs to be cleaned off and the growth of home-based businesses whose equipment needs to be kept up to snuff.

``As the market grows, the computer person is going to be just as important as a plumber or electrician,'' said David A. Milman, president and chief executive of Rescuecom, a nationwide computer repair franchiser based in Syracuse, N.Y. ``The home is going to become even more computerized and there's going to be integration throughout the home. We're going to need to integrate all these systems.'' MercuryNews.com | 12/12/2005 | Digital diagnosis: When home computers go haywire, more users call in the pros

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