How to Beat Online Fraudsters

This year's holiday period is predicted to generate more online sales than ever before. Visa predicts a 39% increase in e-commerce over Christmas. However, online consumers will be a very juicy target for cyber criminals using phishing and pharming to steal their identities and cash, so they need to be more careful than ever when they shop online, according to Paul Henry from CyberGuard Corporation.

Organized criminal gangs are targeting online consumers with ever more sophisticated blended phishing attacks, some of which even find out details of their interests and use them to generate phishing emails tailored to tempt them into giving away their identities. According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, phishing is on increase again, the number of newly reported phishing campaigns reached 15,820 in October an increase of 127% over last October. Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 14th December 2005 12:51AM