The dark side of IT: privacy erosion

Shin Ae-ja used to spend the afternoon picking up her two daughters from school after work. But that was before Big Brother intruded into her life. These days the kids' grandmother gets them from school while Ms. Shin joins "comrades" for sit-in protests in front of the National Assembly building in Yeouido.

Ms. Shin is one of 13 female factory workers from Hitec RCD Korea, a manufacturer of model airplanes. Taking turns on a nearly 200-day protest, the women want the government to punish their employer, whom they accuse of secretly watching them through closed-circuit television cameras at the factory, and compensate them for medical expenses incurred while treating their psychological suffering.

"We are victims of an illegal surveillance system," read posters hanging around their protest tent. "We are hurt and suffering from mental trauma." INSIDE JoongAng Daily

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