Investigating Botnets, Zombies, and IRC Security

The Internet has many aspects that make it ideal for communication and commerce. It makes selling products and services possible without the need for the consumer to set foot outside his door. It allows people from opposite ends of the earth to collaborate on research, product development, and casual conversation. Internet relay chat (IRC) has made it possible for ordinary people to meet and exchange ideas. It also, however, continues to aid in the spread of malicious activity through botnets, zombies, and Trojans. Hackers have used IRC to engage in identity theft, sending spam, and controlling compromised computers. Through the use of carefully engineered scripts and programs, hackers can use IRC as a centralized location to launch DDoS attacks and infect computers with robots to effectively take advantage of unsuspecting targets.

Hackers are using zombie armies for their personal gain. One can even purchase these armies via the Internet black market. Thwarting these attacks and promoting security awareness begins with understanding exactly what botnets and zombies are and how to tighten security in IRC clients.

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 15th December 2005 6:34AM