Information Security: The good, the bad... the annoying

As usual, SC Magazine's readership survey has been most revealing, giving a fascinating insight into the mood and daily lives of our readers, and many of their quotes are show below. Our opening questions ask readers to nominate their biggest problems in the past and future. Many still struggle with the stupidity of end-users (or, more diplomatically, their lack of security awareness), while others say it is the timely patching of vulnerabilities.

One respondent blamed all his problems on Oracle; several saw Microsoft as the main source of their woes.

Another reader from the US military summed it up as "hostile management". Many others complained that the work involved in achieving regulatory compliance would really do little to improve security.

Question 4 asked people whether they were optimistic about the future of IT security. While many in the private sector said they were hopeful that things were improving, readers in the public sector (both in the US and Europe) were almost unanimous in their view that lack of funds will damage security. The good, the bad... the annoying - IT Security News - SC Magazine UK

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