P2P Video And Music Download Security Threat

A series of files are being circulated across the Internet at peer to peer networks that allegedly contain music and videos, but also include adware -- an IST Toolbar -- in order to download videos and music, said PandaLabs, the research and development arm of Panda Software USA, a software-security company.

The adware program often is used as an entry-point for various cyber threats from viruses to Trojan Horses that can cause damage to their computer systems. "In the past six months we've seen a trend in multi-stage attacks against machines," Patrick Hinojosa, chief technology officer at Panda Software USA, said Wednesday. "There are several reasons for this. Either those launching the attacks haven't determined what they want to use the machines for or they want to install a general purpose program so they can take control of the machine."

Many times this is a precursor to creating a bot network, Hinojosa said. Panda has developed security signatures to detect this program that is automatically distributed to its customers through the Internet. InformationWeek | Security | P-To-P Video And Music Download Security Threat | December 14, 2005

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