Whats in a (malware) name

The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team has begun using a naming system for malware, called Common Malware Enumeration, which will nominate a common identity for viruses, worms and the like.......In practice, the submission of new malware samples is needed to obtain an ID. It is thus not far-fetched to imagine a situation where anti-virus vendors have to pay a fee for the malware samples to be accepted and given an ID.

And from there it is only a short step before a stipulation is laid down to anti-virus vendors that those who are not part of the naming scheme will not be able to bid for contracts to supply their wares to US Government institutions. What's in a (malware) name? - Soapbox - Opinion - Technology - theage.com.au

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 16th December 2005 9:16PM