Was the Neuwied penguin incident a Microsoft conspiracy?

Fans of Linux, trains, and the bizarre were amused worldwide last month when the story surfaced that a passenger train was brought to a sudden halt outside of Neuwied, Germany by a human-sized stuffed penguin found laying across the tracks. While the encounter seemed comical at first glance, details that have emerged since suggest that it is no laughing matter.

According to Ananova, the stuffed toy penguin was found laying across the tracks outside of Neuwied on Sunday, November 13 2005, interrupting the train scheduled to arrive from Linz. A collision was averted only because conductor Udo Vergens spotted the figure and pulled the emergency brake, believing it to me an unconscious man wearing a tuxedo. The police were called to the scene but were unable to account for the presence of the penguin and, noting that it was waterlogged, suggested that it had washed ashore from the Rhine. NewsForge | Was the Neuwied penguin incident a Microsoft conspiracy?

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