2005s curious malicious code

What do you do if you're an antivirus vendor in need of ranking the year's biggest threats when there weren't any major malware outbreaks? If you're Glendale, Calif.-based Panda Software Inc., you go after the goofy stuff.

Yesterday Panda released an unusual virus roundup, focusing on "some of the more curious malicious code" that somehow managed to seep into some networks and systems -- sometimes despite themselves. Most remain active but low-rated threats.

Downloader-AEE rang in the new year as the first malicious code Panda detected Jan. 1. The Windows-centric Trojan allows hackers to get into and capture screenshots and steal personal data, among other things.

Assiral-A carried so much similarity to 2000's LoveLetter that Panda named it "most ingenious" for its lack of originality and noted that "it looks like the classics will always make a comeback." Roundup: 2005's 'curious malicious code'

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