Spam: Wipe out for Dr.Rik

The allure of effortless wealth -- that's what drives many people to become spammers. One Sebastian, Florida junk emailer named Rik Rodriguez even created a web site with that name. A fan of surfing, Rodriguez officially called his spam operation Wavemaster Consultants.

If life was a beach for the 47-year-old Rodriguez, things got real gnarly this week. The attorney general of Florida filed a lawsuit against him for sending out illegal spam for a product called Fuel Saver Pro. Rodriguez is facing potentially $10-million in penalties. The AG also wants Rodriguez to post a $1-million bond to ensure he complies with the proposed injunction. (Rodriguez allegedly sent the spam as an affiliate in a spam network run by Mark C. Ayoub, who was sued by the FTC earlier this year.) Spam Kings Blog: Wipe out for Dr.Rik

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 17th December 2005 9:37PM