Startup Managers To Prevent Spyware

Malware writers frequently install their rogue software into key sections of your system's boot process: RunOnce, amongst other registry keys, and the startup folder are two favorite targets. By doing so, the writers ensure they can keep their software running and perhaps maintain control of your system.

An excellent way to prevent such tactics from bypassing some of your security layers is to add a startup manager. Startup managers monitor specific sections of your system for anything new or out of the ordinary. When something tries to insert itself on your system an alert will be triggered to ask if you want to either approve or deny the program from being started with Windows. Too many programs can cause your boot time to become increasingly slower and malware programs are notorious for being the worst offenders when booting up. Startup Mangers To Prevent Spyware

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 18th December 2005 12:49PM