The new horror: smart viruses

Worms and viruses will use any available channel to spread, as recipients of infected email attachments, visitors to websites loaded with malicious software and users of peer-to-peer networks can all testify.

Instant messaging networks are not immune, since most allow users to exchange files. Now it seems that the latest worm to infect AOLís instant messaging community, AIM, actually chats with the users it is targetting in order to persuade them to download and run an infected file.

Called IM.Myspace04.AIM Ė and someone really needs to think about the naming scheme used for viruses and worms, because that one is just dull Ė it uses infected computers to send itself to people on any AIM buddy list it finds, and even responds to messages sent to it in order to allay suspicion.

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Linked by shanmuga Monday, 19th December 2005 6:36AM