Re:Viewing 2005: The year in security

Phishing, spam, spyware, Trojans, viruses and worms - you'd be forgiven for thinking 2005 was very much 'same old, same old' but there were trends which came to light during the past 12 months that will have the security experts scrutinising their radars long into the New Year.

As much as anything, this is due to the increasing sophistication of existing threats and the fact criminals will have been loathe to conjure new threats when existing ones clearly had so much more mileage left in them. The financial incentives which encourage data and identity theft mean [spyware] matured to thoroughly pernicious levels during 2005.

So, even though the threats at their most basic level have remained the same, the ways they work most certainly haven't. Re:Viewing 2005: The year in security - Security Strategy - Breaking Business and Technology News at

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