Rootkit Guru: AntiVirus Makes Me Do It

Smart computer users know that once a computer is infected by a rootkit, it's changed forever. And as Windows rootkits go, Hacker Defender is among the most dangerous. The author of Hacker Defender, holy_father, explains why he does what he does, and what you can do to detect his rootkit.

Antivirus companies sell a fake sense of security, but they do not bring real security to your computer. Antivirus just fights programs that are visible to common users. They don't care about the cause.

If I publish Hacker Defender's antidetection code, antivirus companies will do nothing but add a few bytes to their databases of virus patterns, or simply fool my engine in some way. They show their customers they can handle rootkits based on my antidetection engine, but they won't solve the problem. So there would be easy ways to bypass them again and again. Rootkit Guru: AntiVirus Makes Me Do It

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 20th December 2005 10:51PM