Indian Firm Claims Its Anti Virus Solution Stops Threats

Sanrasoft Software Ltd., a Chennai based firm, has unveiled what it claims is a breakthrough anti-virus technology based on the intention of malicious codes, protecting PCs from not only known viruses but also from unknown malicious codes including viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, keyloggers and hackers.

"Our path-breaking technology takes a snapshot of PCs in complete detail in its malware-free state and continuously monitors system and file change," said N.S. Bhaskar, managing director of Sanra Software.

New files, configuration changes, alterations in system control files and changes in critical application program files are all evaluated for potential threats. Any change in the system state that represents a potential threat is immediately acted upon. InformationWeek | Anti-Virus | Indian Firm Claims Its Anti-Virus Solution Stops Threats | December 21, 2005

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