Sentensa - Advanced Open Source Search Engine?

Anonymous Reader writes "Press Release Stockholm September 26, 2005 - Virtual Genetics launches the next generations search engine - Sentensa

Sentensa is a new product that uses unique technology to search all kinds of text and databases. Sentensa is being launched as an Open Source product, which means that it is free and available for downloading via Internet. Sentensa’s dynamic, web-based technology is adapted for safe, multi-user application.

Sentensa, has used 20 years experience in search technology to create the next generation search motor. Users have the ability to use totally new ways of searching amongst very large text databases. The name Sentensa was chosen in order to describe how that it takes into account search text’s underlying significance to find the most relevant search results. Searches become much faster and effective, which make Sentensa applicable in many different markets, from the pharmaceutical industry to media and general document handling. Users can, with help from Sentensa, create advanced applications for searching in all kinds of text, which can be used by many users at the same time.

- Sentensa is supplied as Open Source, which means that it is free of charge and may be downloaded through Internet. Users may contract for support from Virtual Genetics and its partner Contactor Data, says Bo Lindström, President Virtual Genetics. NewsForge | New advanced search engine

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