AntiVirus Filename Bypassing

Several AntiVirus programs do not scan filesnames that contain non-printable ASCII characters, in addition instead of blocking them they are simply ignored.

The information has been provided by SecuBox Labs.

Vulnerable Systems:
* BitDefender Antivirus
* Trustix Antivirus
* Avast! Antivirus
* Cat Quick Heal Antivirus
* Abacre Antivirus
* VisNetic Antivirus (bypass only with manual scan)
* AntiVir Personnal Edition Antivirus
* Clamav for Windows Antivirus
* Lavasoft Adware SE Personal Edition
* Antiy Ghostbusters Professional Edition

Immune Systems:
* Kaspersky Antivirus
* AVG Free - AntiVirus Filename Bypassing

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 29th September 2005 8:56AM