Scare tactics dont rattle Mac users

Security vendor Symantec has once again pointed the knife at Apple Macintosh users. Symantec's latest Internet Security Threat Report continues to voice concern for the security and stability of the Mac operating system, OS X in particular. The publication covered findings for the first half of 2005......... Theres not doubt that Mac users believe they operate on a superior platform--when you pay for a BMW, you expect a luxury car, not a scooter--but to allude that OS X customers are living in a world of fantasy is fancy on any vendors' part. If Symantec or anyone else hopes to "educate" Mac users on security, here's a word of advice: don't go it alone; speak to Apple and let the voices at Apple carry the message.

Antivirus makers like Sophos and Symantec have thrived under the auspices of Microsoft--the vulnerability of Windows and related products has helped create and sustain these companies. Isn't it blindingly obvious why Mac users are immune to the "advice" from these players? Scare tactics don't rattle Mac users | Tech News on ZDNet

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 29th September 2005 9:46AM