Know Your Malware: Feebs Removal

Feebs is a worm that spreads through file sharing networks using popular peer-to-peer clients. Once executed, the parasite installs itself to the system and runs a spreading routine. It creates infected files with meaningful names in all shared folders it finds in the compromised system. Then it runs a payload. Feebs terminates running antiviruses, firewalls, anti-trojan tools and other security-related programs and prevents them from loading on next system startup. The worm also disables the Windows Firewall and deletes few system files. In some cases it may collect certain passwords, account details and e-mail addresses. Feebs automatically runs on every Windows startup.

Related files: command.exe, ms[X].exe, ms[X]32.exe, web.exe, websetup.exe

Feebs properties:
Hides from the user
Stays resident in background Remove Feebs, removal instructions

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 24th December 2005 8:52PM