Internet: freedom tool or last resort of suspects culture

No one knows who has been the first to search the online evil using honeypot web sites, but what we know is that the idea has been such a great success, that itís now almost out of control: decoy web sites are now countless.

Each Nation has its own Secret Service and its own Police Corp, and each one of them has now got its own decoy sites, to attract paedophiles, terrorists, copyright laws infringers, hackers, and etcetera.

The situation is now paradoxical. As the time goes by and due to the flood of these kind of sites, what originally appeared to be a very brilliant idea Ė although legally controversial Ėhas become almost ridiculous, For instance: very often the media and press report on sites that glorify Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorism: they donít know that the 90% of them are decoy sites, built by secret services agencies. * News

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 24th December 2005 9:31PM