SpyAxe, WinHound and now UnSpyPC. Which is next

Vendors of corrupt anti-spyware software and their numerous affiliates took a fancy to the illegal distribution of their useless and sometimes even dangerous products. Regular users and security experts grew weary of all those SpyAxe, WinHound and similar less prevalent threats. However, malicious persons do not even think of stopping all this madness. Although users no longer believe in fake security alerts, ridiculous reports and other nonsense produced by rogue spyware removers, illegal distribution tactics really work....UnSpyPC is very similar to both SpyAxe and WinHound. However, it has one significant difference most of its files, registry keys and processes have random names. Moreover, UnSpyPC files and registry entries on two infected absolutely identical computers may reside in different locations. This makes it very difficult to completely get rid of this malware without the help of a powerful legitimate spyware remover. Spyware news

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 24th December 2005 10:15PM