Security threats will become more sophisticated in 2006....

2005 has been a banner year for cyber villains. Thanks to hackers, some of the United Statesí largest corporations, including financial services giant Citigroup and media powerhouse Time Warner, had sensitive data swiped from their supposedly secure databases.....Data theft wasnít the only danger in 2005. An Internet worm, Zotob, infected computers at media companies like CNN and financial behemoths like Visa in August. And email nuisances, spam and phishing, were also on the rise.

Will it get better in 2006? Not really, say security experts. In fact, the threats may get worse. Thatís because just as security systems become more sophisticated, the threats will become more complex and innovativeóall in an effort to stay a step ahead. RED HERRING | Top Security Trends for 2006

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