Dont take any gifts from Santa IM

The newest seasonal parasite is underway. The recently discovered GiftCom worm rapidly spreads through instant messages sent using popular chat programs including ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. This pest, also known as Santa IM, attempts to persuade IM users into visiting a harmless Santa Claus web site, but instead silently installs itself to the system. Although the distribution technique the worm uses is not new, GiftCom comes up roses, as most users do not expect nothing dangerous from their buddies, especially if messages that they purportedly sent look like pleasing Christmas wishes. But the worm itself is not very sweet.

Although it presents a lot of different “gifts” (or should we say payloads), all of them are meant only for hackers. Spyware news

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 26th December 2005 9:08PM