Flock Founder Tired of Criticism

Flock is getting some negative attention as of late. People wonder why they need to use a browser like Flock now that Performancing Firefox plugin allows them to blog from Firefox using many different blogging platforms.

Recently, Flock's Chris Messina, addressed some of the Flock backlash on his blog. It's a good post. He said: Here's the thing. We've actually been pretty certain for some time that most of the features that we build into Flock will be eventually be ported back over to Firefox as extensions. Or become commodity features in other browsers. That's the way open source should work and the way software develops plays off itself and we're totally in support of that! The point is not to make a bunch of proprietary tools that only work in Flock. That would be ridiculous and counterproductive. I mean, our goal is to make using all the great tools now available on the web easier to use by building a more consistent user experience. Yeah, that's our big top secret plan. Flock Founder Tired of Criticism

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 27th December 2005 2:59AM