Know Your Malware: Feebs.b Removal

Feebs.b is a rapidly spreading Internet worm, which propagates by e-mail in messages with malicious attachments and through file sharing networks using popular peer-to-peeer applications. The user can accidentally infect a computer by opening an infected e-mail attachment or download the parasite as a purportedly useful program.

Once executed, Feebs.b displays a fake logon prompt, installs itself to the system and runs a spreading routine. The worm sends malicious letters to all the addresses it find on the compromised computer. It also creates infected files with meaningful names in shared folders of installed peer-to-peer programs.

The parasite's payload is comprised of several harmful functions. Feebs.b collects user sensitive information including various passwords, account details and e-mail addresses, and uploads it to a predetermined FTP server. The worm terminates running antiviruses, firewalls and other security-related programs and prevents them from running on system startup. It also cripples and disables most system services and shuts down the Windows Firewall. Furthermore, Feebs.b may run a hidden web server used to spread the infection. The parasite uses an integrated rootkit component, which injects malicious code into all active processes in order to block access to the worm's files.

Feebs.b automatically runs on every Windows startup. Remove Feebs.b, removal instructions

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 27th December 2005 3:03AM