Browser Changes An Opportunity for SSL Certificate Authorities

Do you know who checked that gold padlock in your web browser? Names like GeoTrust, Comodo, Starfield Technologies and Thawte will likely become more familiar to Internet users as browsers begin displaying the names of the issuers of SSL certificates that secure e-commerce web sites. These companies, known as certificate authorities, will gain visibility as the padlock icon indicating a secure connection moves to the address bar in Internet Explorer 7 and other new browser releases.

The move is part of a broader effort to improve Internet security, with Microsoft working with the developers of Firefox, Opera and Konqueror browsers to simplify the display of SSL certificate information. The unusual collaboration is driven by concerns about phishing, and is likely to bring changes in the SSL market, which has become more competitive lately following years of dominance by VeriSign. Netcraft: Browser Changes An Opportunity for SSL Certificate Authorities

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 28th December 2005 9:24PM