The Different Shades of Hackers

The computer security world is populated by various types of people. Notably in that world are your various hacker types. Be they white, grey, or black, it now seems that almost every hacker is assigned a color. What does it all mean though?

There are many widely held perceptions when it comes to hackers today. Those perceptions mostly evolve around people identifying hackers with a specific color, and that very color denotes their overall posture. By posture I mean are they benevolent, are their ethics questionable at times, or are they outright malicious? Well with the popularization of the internet has come a tidal wave of publicity about it. That has come in the form of many articles from the print media and movies from Hollywood. What this media attention has resulted in, is an often times distorted reality. I sit and constantly shake my head when I read articles in my local paper about hackers and their exploits. More often then not the paperís writer has his or her facts quite wrong. With this confusing information in mind I shall try to dispel some myths about the various types of hackers that travel the Internet today.

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 30th December 2005 3:01AM