New Year Personal Privacy Resolutions

Youíve heard it all before. Shred or burn your privacy documents. Jealously guard your credit card numbers. Only do business with people you trust. Donít give out your Social Security number to anyone.

Those tips are a bit like cotton candy. They look good, but when you bite in, there's not much substance.

The truth is, most privacy tips are at best, a little silly, and at worst, give you a false sense of the security. The situation seems helpless, but because people feel compelled to give advice, the same tired old tips keep getting trotted out. But there is hope; both for better tips, and your privacy. Chris Hoofnagle of the Electronic Privacy Information Center has been thinking about the trite advice problem for some time, and just recently posted a top 10 list of ways to enhance your personal privacy. Itís a great list, but knowing how busy yíall are, Iíve prioritized his list for you: Things you can and should do right now; things you can do over the next several weeks; and things you should do before the year is over. Then Iíve sprinkled a few bonus tips of my own on top. Taken together, they form a great list of digital-age New Yearís resolutions. New Year's personal privacy resolutions - The Red Tape Chronicles -

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