Know Your Malware: Infticker Removal

Infticker is a trojan that displays a ticker bar across the top of the screen. This ticker states that the system is infected ("Warning! Your computer is infected! Press here for help!") and asks to click on it for help. Once the user clicks on the ticker, the trojan opens Internet Explorer and accesses a predefined web site, which offers three infamous corrupt anti-spyware programs including SpySheriff, RazeSpyware and SpyFighter. When the user tries to close the ticker, the trojan displays the following warning message:
"Having closes this panel, you do not solve the problem!
Press Help button to learn how to protect your computer."
Infticker automatically runs on every Windows

Infticker properties:
Shows commercial adverts
Stays resident in background Remove Infticker, removal instructions

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 31st December 2005 2:09AM