Why DRM Everything?

Worldwide recorded music sales are down more than 25% over the last five years. The music industry believes the primary culprit is file-sharing and other forms of piracy. Let's leave the debate as to whether piracy is truly the cause of the music industry's troubles for another time. The responses to consumer-based digital piracy have been numerous (artist-sponsored education campaigns, TV commercials advising kids not to steal), aggressive (suing technology providers such as Diamond Rio, Napster and Grokster as well as more than 15,000 customers), and, at times, draconian (the recent Sony BMG rootkit fiasco).

In general, the music industry response seems to fall into three categories:

1) Educate, predominantly by using lawsuits to bring to parents' and kids' attention that file-sharing is stealing

2) Widely license their catalogs in only copy-protected, restricted digital formats

3) Lock down the CD, often preventing personal copying, thereby stopping the use of a Congressionally immunized activity GROKLAW

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 31st December 2005 8:27PM