New Year Resolutions for Microsoft

For better or worse, I've been a Microsoft fan since Windows 3.1. Microsoft is far from perfect, but the alternatives were always so much worse. Can you imagine a dystopian future where we're all running IBM's OS/2 2004 and Lotus Notes Express? Brr. I get a chill just thinking about it. The other contenders have similar glaring flaws. Oracle? Intel? Sun? Apple? Thanks, but no thanks.

Microsoft succeeds not because they're an evil monopoly, but because they release decent products that are relatively easy to use. Most of the time.

Personally, I think Microsoft's biggest enemy isn't Google, Linux, Yahoo, or the relegation of PCs to a niche. Microsoft's biggest enemy is Microsoft. The company has grown so large that it can't turn the massive battleship fast enough to respond to competitive pressures. Coding Horror

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 1st January 2006 9:38PM