Unofficial Patch for Windows Flaw

Security experts are urging Windows users to apply a non-Microsoft-issued software patch to fix an extremely dangerous bug that has exposed hundreds of millions of the operating system's users to spyware and viruses.

The patch was developed by computer programmer Ilfak Guilfanov, perhaps best known in security circles at the creator of the open source IDA Pro disassembly tool used to design and deconstruct software and even malware.

Tom Liston, an Internet security consultant with Washington-based Intelguardians and an incident handler with the SANS Internet Storm Center, pleaded with Microsoft users to feel at ease installing the patch, which he said SANS had reverse-engineered, reviewed and vetted to ensure it fixes the problem and does nothing else. Security Fix - Brian Krebs on Computer and Internet Security - (

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 1st January 2006 11:01PM