Personal Digital Assistants are Convenient, but are They Safe?

As a consumer I was attracted to the personal digital assistant (PDA) because of its ability to travel with me at all times. But with that ability I was worried about the data I kept on my PDA, I then went on a hunt to find the best way to protect the data I put on my PDA. While looking for programs to protect my data, I discovered many different ways I could accomplish this. Today I will give an outline of my research on crypto-Sign, PDASecure, Pointsec, CREDANT Mobile Guardian and SafeGuard PDA. Then I will discuss the security already built into different operating systems on the market. Next I will show information I found on how IT departments feel about the new PDA craze and finally I will present several examples of how PDA’s were used in real world applications and how they were secured in each instance.

Crypto-Sign is mostly used as a method of securing wireless transactions, but the same biometrics that ensure these transactions can also ensure encrypted files are only opened by the intended recipient or original owner of the file. Crypto-Signs biggest advantage is that it combines the benefits of a password with those of electronic signature verification to utilize the benefits of each (Crypto-sign, 2003). Crypto-Sign uses the biometrics of a persons signature to both record the final signature and any pauses or hard impressions that person makes with the pen as they write their signature. This makes your signature hard to duplicate even if that person has a copy of your signature (Cryptosign, 2003). This signature can be used to verify the author of an e-mail or important document to allow a digital signature to be applied to an e-mail. This ensures the original author of an e-mail to the recipient. This can also be applied to encrypting and decrypting files. A person could put their signature as a password to open a certain file, for example one that contained all of their passwords, and only their signature could open that encrypted file.

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