All the Rage: Happy Rue Year

What can you do to prepare for the onslaught of worms, viruses and Trojans in the New Year? If 2005 seemed a particularly overwhelming year in terms of security problems, you're not imagining things. According to an annual report compiled by U.K.-based security vendor Sophos, there were about 16,000 new worms, viruses and Trojans identified during the year--48 percent more than the 10,724 detected in 2004. Some 1,940 new threats were discovered in November alone--the largest monthly increase Sophos has ever registered.

So what's in store for 2006? If you use November as a barometer, there could be as many as 23,000 emerging malware threats. Trojans seem to be the greatest danger, accounting for more than 62 percent of threats recorded by Sophos in 2005. Windows viruses and worms made up about 35 percent of the total. Attackers are increasingly looking to make money from their efforts, and Trojans are the most common method for making a profit in cybercrime, Sophos says. Secure Enterprise | All the Rage: Happy Rue Year

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