Soldiers In Iraq Notified Of Possible Identity Theft

While fighting in Iraq, Army Sgt. Steven Behr suddenly found himself vulnerable at home. Four computer hard drives containing soldiers' Social Security numbers and other personal records were stolen from Fort Carson --a crime that could expose Behr to identity theft.

Behr was one of 15,000 active duty soldiers notified this month of the theft, along with family members and civilians who work at the Army post in Colorado.

"They have my information for the last 11 years in the military," Behr told The Associated Press last week in Iraq. "With the way fraud is going in the U.S. these days, anybody could get my credit report, or something like that. I'm just trying to figure out how someone could steal four computers from a secure area. They're supposed to be locked up pretty tight." Security Pipeline | Soldiers In Iraq Notified Of Possible Identity Theft

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