How Serious Is the WMF Vulnerability?

Pretty serious, but it's not end of the world stuff. Lucky for us a white knight came along with an excellent interim solution.

Depending on where you look, most people are either running in circles hysterically or ho-humming the Windows WMF vulnerability.

It does have some of the earmarks of a nasty situation. For one thing, if you're running Windows any version you're vulnerable. Even the 1990 version of Windows 3.0 is vulnerable!

While you were out partying this weekend I was reading security discussion lists and testing malware (yes, I know, my wife wants me to seek help for this problem too). Some respected people out there think this is one of the all-time bad ones. How Serious Is the WMF Vulnerability?

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 2nd January 2006 10:19PM