Phishing: 41,000 Blocked Sites in 2005

The Netcraft Toolbar has blocked more than 41,000 confirmed phishing URLs since its launch last Dec. 28. The volume of URLs increased throughout the year, from about 3,000 per month in June to 5,000-plus in September and more than 8,000 in October and November. With a year's worth of data in hand, an analysis of attacks illustrates common patterns and practices in the operation of phishing scams.

Top Targets: eBay and Paypal: The eBay online auction site and its Paypal payment processing unit were the top target for phishing scams in 2005, comprising nearly 62 percent of all phishing URLs submitted to Netcraft. Many of these were "insta-spoofs" served from free sites or cracked machines, often via a botnet. Many of these spoof sites bear identical structures and file titles, suggesting deployment via kits that can be rapidly unpacked on a new machine. Netcraft: Phishing By The Numbers: 41,000 Blocked Sites in 2005

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