Cheap Google PCs?

The L.A. Times has an article (BugMeNot required) that makes some ambitious predictions for Google in 2006, including that Google will begin selling PCs.

The basic prediction is that Google will begin selling a super-low cost PC. The article says that they have sources that say Google has been negotiating with Wal-Mart, among other retailers, to sell a PC that would cost only “a couple of hundred dollars” and run an operating system made by Google.

Another thing we might see are “Google Cubes”, a small device which would allow you to move media, like songs and video, between your computer and TV set. Rumor is that the reason Larry Page is keynoting at CES this week is precisely so he can unveil Google’s big “It”, whatever it is. » Cheap Google PCs? » InsideGoogle » part of the Blog News Channel

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 3rd January 2006 5:25AM