Violent Admins Against Spam

......a web developer named Robin Grimes created a site called that's designed to mess with web sites created by phishing scammers.

The latest project of this sort goes by the ungainly name Kick A Spammer In The Nuts Daily. It's headed up by an anti-spammer named Darren Brothers. Right now, the project is mostly manual. Brothers is trying to round up volunteers to poison the leads database of a ROKSO-class mortgage-and-pills spammer named Alex Polyakov.

Says Brothers: "The more we poison their leads database, the more work they've got to do to clean it up, and the fewer brokers will buy their leads in the future. We're going to give them a reputation as a trash leads seller, so no one will buy their leads." Spam Kings Blog: Violent Admins Against Spam

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 3rd January 2006 5:29AM