Six Predicted Gripes for 2006

Frankly, I've never been that great a prognosticator, but, you know, I've noticed that the track records of the serial crystal-ball gazers in this business don't tend to be any better than mine. So here are my predictions for the six likeliest news stories of 2006 that will raise the ire of my readers.

Windows, Spyware EULAs to Merge

The strategy behind Microsoft's recent acquisition of Claria, 180Solutions, and Direct Revenue is becoming clearer. "What we really wanted these companies for is their EULAs, so we can integrate them with the Windows EULA," a source at Microsoft explained. "Now in order to use any new computer, you'll have to agree to a EULA that allows us to display ads from our combined network in perpetuity." The source said Microsoft expects other anti-spyware vendors to follow its leading in changing the type of software that is targeted for removal. "Instead of tagging Gator or 180search as spyware, anti-spyware tools will now look for programs and websites that display ads without having gotten the user to click OK to a EULA. Such as Google and Yahoo, for instance.".....The Gripe Line Weblog by Ed Foster

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