Microsoft vs Google

.....Can Microsoft get its groove back? If any year holds the promise, it's 2006. Windows and Office upgrades, Xbox's strong initial showing and a host of vaguely referenced new products suggest a banner year. But the question doesn't seem to fire up tech folk nearly as much as how far Google can go. As one wag put it, some day we'll all Google our Googles as we Google to Google.

Microsoft can draw encouragement from two perceptions. First is the sense the Redmond gang represents the only real hope for curbing Google hegemony in the broadband driven world known as Web 2.0.

Second, the words "Google" and "monopoly" are starting to be whispered in the same breath. In a market so amorphous, it may seem ludicrous to think one company could exert exclusionary force. The Seattle Times via SpywareInfo

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 3rd January 2006 6:28AM