Ouch! Microsoft spanked on security assessment

Ever hear the phrase: speak your mind?

That's no problem for Tom Liston of Intelguardians Network Intelligence LLC, a handler on the Interest Storm Center. In a lively posting on the Internet Storm Center, Liston takes Microsoft to task for its assessment of the security threat of the recently discovered Windows Meta file flaw.

In a posting titled "Oxy-morons," Liston compares Microsoft's security team to Oompa Loompas in the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, err, make that Billy Wonka.

Liston characterizes Microsoft's updated security advisory on the WMF flaw as overly optimistic, compared to the threat that exists. Ouch! Microsoft spanked on security assessment | News.blog | CNET News.com

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 3rd January 2006 8:47PM