Trojan army invades Europe and the U.S.

Trojan-based attacks will take over from email phishing in the U.S. and Europe as trojans become more sophisticated and harder to stop, according to a new report.

The research by the Information Security Forum (ISF) also warned over the increasing use of 'moles' placed in organizations to gain access to prize customers.

The survey of 260 ISF members that shows that over a third of members have been affected by phishing attacks. Over 30 percent of these have experienced more than 20 attacks.

The ISF report provided a detailed five-point strategy to tackle the threat of phishing attacks. But while two-factor or even three-factor authentication is seen as a strong preventative measure, the report said that savings from direct fraud alone do not currently justify the expenditure. It added that companies should consider other factors such as damage to reputation, regulatory intervention or loss of competitive advantage. SC Magazine

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